What is Think 365

Cloud Computing Provider

If you’re unfamiliar with cloud technology, here’s how it works.

From emails and telephone lines to office software, your business needs several applications to run smoothly. Traditionally, these applications are server-based and require power, cooling, bandwidth, networks and storage to run. Not to mention the experts who install and maintain them.

With cloud computing, businesses rely on safe, secured, shared data centres to run their applications instead of doing it themselves. Now, instead of managing IT details, companies subscribe to the Internet-based applications they need from online vendors, including cloud PBX.

Because cloud computing requires no in-house servers or maintenance, and because users subscribe to exactly what they need, it ends up costing much less. Plus the cloud is accessible anywhere there’s an Internet connection—you just have to log in.

What does this have to do with Think 365?

Like Microsoft Office 365, Think 365 is available through the cloud.

So you can have a full, hosted PBX enabled solution that combines the traditional telephony features you need to run your business, along with Unified Messaging capabilities—all without purchasing and maintaining servers.

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