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Why Think 365?

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Save up to 75% on your Communications Costs

Think 365 is a more affordable solution than traditional PBX phone systems for a number of reasons.

First, Think 365 is hosted PBX in our cloud, which means you don’t need in-house servers and expensive analogue lines to run your phone system. Right away, your business saves money on IT expertise and loss of productivity during server maintenance and repair.

With Think 365 scalable licensing, you never need to oversubscribe. You pay only for the lines you need, and you can easily add and remove phone lines from our online portal, whenever you want. If you need more phone capacity at any given time, Think 365 provides a Capacity On Demand feature for accessing additional phone capacity when needed, without paying for unused capacity.

Using ThinkTel SIP Trunking service, customers with multiple locations can pool their capacity into a single group of channels and drastically reduce Long Distance charges.

Finally, Think 365 Enterprise Voice in and of itself is really affordable. With no restrictive contract terms and predictable monthly invoicing, the solution can start as low as $25 per line per month.

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