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Countdown to Retirement Skype for Business Online

ThinkTel provides the tools to ensure professionalism and synchronicity when connecting you to those who matter.

As a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner, ThinkTel is among the longest operating and one of the most experienced providers of SIP-based telecommunication services in Canada. Associate your business with one of the few certified Session Boarder Controller vendors for Direct Routing to complete your collaborative voice services.

ThinkTel has got you covered:

Tailor Made


Discover our flexible deployment options and we’ll find what’s right for your business.
Team Work

Hub for Teamwork

Using Office 365 features, collaborate through voice calling, meetings, and messaging on business tasks.
cost savings

Cost Savings

No hardware investment required! Save on Phone Systems with our streamlined costing model.
rapid deployment

Rapid Deployment

Our Virtual SBC solution can be deployed within days, thanks to our team of qualified professionals.


Join from wherever you are, on any device, using Microsoft Teams business communication tools that you’re already comfortable with

Maximize your investment by following our approach

Our Telco Feature Set includes:

Learn more about how ThinkTel and Microsoft 365 Business Voice have a collaborative solution for your business.


Why should I work with ThinkTel?
ThinkTel is the only Canadian telco & Microsoft Partner to develop a carrier hosted SBC certified for Direct Routing to Microsoft Teams. We are a recognized Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and ✔ Gold Communications Partner.
What is Think365 Cloud Voice?
Think365 Cloud Voice includes Direct Routing to Microsoft Teams and a dedicated SIP Trunk for PSTN connectivity.
How many days does it take to deploy Think365 Cloud Voice?
Think365 Cloud Voice can be deployed in less than 1 week.
Can I still use my old handsets?
Our professional services technicians can evaluate the possibility of a customized SBC deployment to extend the life of your existing hardware investments. We have extensive experience working with legacy hardware scenarios. Request a ThinkTel Consultation today and begin planning your unified communication journey.
What can ThinkTel do to help my migration process from a legacy system?
We offer a seamless migration plan that can leverage both your legacy and new technologies to slowly implement the full migration. Our expertise is shaped by the deployment of thousands of unique customer cases and configurations.
As a Think365 Connector client, how will the retirement of Skype for Business affect me?
A: ThinkTel’s Think365 Connector clients will be required to transition from their Skype for Business Online solution prior to the Skype for Business B: Request a ThinkTel Consultation today and begin planning your unified communication journey
Where can I learn more about Think365 Cloud Voice?
Start a conversation with your ThinkTel account manager to prepare for this change.

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